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Professional Tax Registration

What it means?

Professional tax is a state imposed tax. It is a tax on all kinds of professions, trades and employment and levied based on the income of such profession, trade and employment. It is levied on employees, a person carrying on business including freelancers, professionals etc. subject to income exceeding the monetary threshold if any.


Service Price options:


From ₹7,850

✅Filing of Application

✅ Issue of Enrolment/Registration certificate

✅2 Days Delivery time

✅Does not Include Govt. Fees and Payment of Professional Tax


From ₹9,850

✅Filing of Application

✅ Issue of Enrolment/Registration certificate

✅1 Day Delivery time

✅Does not Include Govt. Fees and Payment of Professional Tax

Preliminary Documents Checklist

Address proof of establishment,
Address proof of partners, proprietor or directors,
PAN of partners, proprietors and directors
Photo of partners, proprietors and directors,

Salary details of employees,

Financial statements of the establishment,

Certificate of incorporation and address proof in case of company.

Document Checklist Image for Company Incorporation
Sole Proprietorship process brief

Process Brief

Submit the Documents as per Checklist
Documents are verified by our experts
Application is filed
Professional Tax Regisration is done.

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  •   – Professional tax is imposed only in following States: Karnataka, Bihar, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra, Tamilnadu, Gujarat, Assam, Kerala, Meghalaya, Odisha, Tripura, Madhya Pradesh, and Sikkim.

  • –  In case of individuals who are self employed the tax has to be paid by the individual himself. In case of employed individuals, the liability is on the employer

– Enrollment Certificate and Registration Certificate.

– Every employer in specific states is required to deduct taxes from salary when paid to one or more employees when payment made exceeds the state specified limit and deposit with state government. That entity is required to obtain registration certificate. When person is employed in profession by two or more employers and is getting salary/wages exceeding Rs. 5000 but employer is not deducting professional tax then the individual needs to get enrolment certificate from authority.

– The form I shall be filed for the RC and for EC, form II should be filed.

– It can be filed by creating a profile on the website of the respective State authority.

– The taxpayer shall create the profile under any of the following options – “new dealer registration” or ” Other Acts Registration”

– Along with the form, also submit the following documents – proof that describes the date of business started, a record of accounts, detail of the employees, details of paid salaries and address proof.

– On acceptance of the application, a mail shall be sent to the registered email ID containing digitally signed RC/EC. The taxpayer can check the status by entering the PAN number.

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