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Networth Certificate

Networth Certificate comprises of the overall total net worth of an Individual or Enterprise detailing the total assets and liabilities. It is usually done after careful scrutinizing of bank accounts, records and other documents of the respective individual or the Enterprise.

Beneficial in  such as:

  • It helps in obtaining financial loan from the banks.
  • It is widely required for Overseas Travel Applications
  • It is requested for Franchise applications by a franchiser
  • Networth Certificate It helps in opening a stock broker trading account.

Turnover Certificate

Turnover Certificate is certifies the total turnover of the applicant’s organization. The turnover certificate can be for 1 or more years depending upon the requirements. The turnover is usually in the name of applicant organization only and not that of group/ sister organizations.

Beneficial in  such as:

  • Turnover Certificate is widely used for Participation in Tenders
  • Turnover Certificate is required also for Export Turnover & Performance
  • Turnover Certificates for Construction, BIS etc.

Fund Utilization Certificate

Fund Utilisation Certificate  specifies the utilization of funds taken from the lenders/investors for intended purposes. It is prepared by the individual/Company for submitting to the bank/ lenders/ Investors.  It is  obtained for submission to the concerned Statutory authority under the prescribed legal provisions.

Beneficial in  such as:

  • Required by authority Govt, Semi-Govt, Trust etc.
  • Helps in obtaining Grant-in Aid, Funds etc from respective authorities.

No Statutory Dues Certificate

No outstanding Statutory Dues Certificate assist in applying for a loan or a credit to a financial institution. The certificate describes that the respective individual/ firm/ company has no statutory dues prevalent as of date. The certificated is signed & stamped by a qualified Chartered Accountant. 

Beneficial in  such as:

  • For applying for a loan or a credit to a financial institution.
  • It is required for approvals by various Entities.
  • Helps in obtaining Statutory Audits.

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Professional , v. Quick and convenient

I needed a networth certificate, and got it done in a professional way and at a fairly value for money fee within a day. V quick and convenient service. Also the customer support is great. Thanks!

Mohit Patel MT

Exceptional experience, Highly recommended

Exceptional experience. I had one of the best experiences of working with Tax Unbound team. I had contacted them for my Networth certificate requirement. They reverted with the best price offer and I received my CA certified Net-worth copy next day on email. They are available 24x7 and provide prompt response and timely delivery. Highly recommended!

R.V. Singh

Prompt and Quality Service

Needed Networth Certificate for travel purpose. The team was prompt in contacting me to get all my details. They suggested the best thing to do and helped me in each step.

Adhithyan Sakthivelu

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