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What we offer - Canada Visitor Services

Full Financial Profiling of Applicant

Our Experts provides complete financial profiling of the applicant.  If an officer witness that you are financially strong, have long terms assets back in your home country and enough liquidity at present which has been all earned through your professional/business career, then they will feel confident you will be return back to resume all this and you are not traveling for merely wrong intentions to overstay there. 

Travel Plan, itinerary and Bookings

We provide exact travel plan and booking meeting your budget, financial capability and travel requirements. 

It mere purpose is to simply communicate your plan and it should not be hectic but simple and easy to comprehend. You can also use temporary hold bookings for this too which are officially accepted in Canada applications & dont need to full payment for your flight tickets.

Professional Covering & Sponsor Letters

Many people don’t realize the importance of a Strong covering or sponsor letter in applications.

Every officer reads your covering/ sponsor letters. Its the only way of communicating them and its should be simple, to the point yet professionally drafted. Our experts make sure to curate the best content for you which will help you get fast Canada approvals.

What's Included


Financial Profiling Review

Our Expert CA and Travel team  provides complete financial profiling of the applicant.  We provide assistance in showing evidence that you have enough money to support yourself financially throughout your stay in the Canada.

Application form Filing

Our experts will  file the application form and will take appointment for Biometric. Once the form is filled and submitted, documents are ready- will share with  applicant. Along with the completed application form and  supporting documents – print out copies need to be submitted.

Covering Letter