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Shop & Establishment Act License

(Gumasta License)

What it means?

The Shops and Establishment Act is a state-specific law which may differ from state to state. The object is to govern and improve the working conditions and rights of the workers, like wage payments, leaves, holidays & work hours, etc.

Shop act

Service Price options:

36% off on All Inclusive package


From ₹5,000
From ₹ 2,500

✅ Shop & Establishment Act (Gumasta) License Registration

✅ Application Tracking

✅ Free Consultation

✅Govt. Fees Not Included (Varies from states to state, can be as low as zero to as high as Rs 1000)


From ₹ 5,000

✅ Shop & Establishment Act (Gumasta) License Registration

✅ MSME Registration

✅ Application Tracking

✅Free Consultation

✅Govt. Fees Not Included

All Inclusive

From ₹ 8,500
From ₹ 7,500

✅ Shop & Establishment Act (Gumasta) License Registration

✅ MSME Registration

✅ GST Registration

✅ Application Tracking

✅Free Consultation

✅Govt. Fees Not Included

Preliminary Documents Checklist
Aadhar Card and Pan Card of Owner
Photograph of Owner
Photo of Shop/ Establishment along with Owner
Address Proof: Utility Bill or Rent Agreement, if Rented
Document Checklist
Sole Proprietorship process brief
Process Brief
Submit the Documents as per Checklist
Documents are verified by our experts
Application is filed
Obtain Shop & Establishment License
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  • – Name of firm

    – Address of Firm

    – Name of Manager, if any

    – Nature of Establishment like Nature of shop, Like Furniture Store, clothing store etc.

    – Number of Employees in the Establishment

    – Day of Holiday etc.

  • –  Any changes to be made post registration should be notified to the Chief Inspector.

    – Registration Certificate to be obtained within 90 days of the commencement of the business.

    – Placement agencies providing domestic services to also be mandatory registered under the Shop and Establishment Act.

    – In case, if by any reason you have failed to obtain Shop act license under the act then you need to pay the penalty for the same. 

Government fees is currently not included in our pricing. The fees varies from state to state. For some states its free, while for some states it can be charges upto Rs 1000 or more. 

Our team will inform you about the charges during the process which would have to be paid separately. 

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