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Partnership Firm Registration

What it means?

Partnership firms refer to two or more individuals in a business structure who operate & manage as per the terms laid out in the Partnership Deed. The firms are comparatively easy to establish especially for small and medium sized businesses.

Service Price options:


From ₹3,600

✅ Partnership Deed Drafting

Issue of PAN

Issue of TAN

5 Days Delivery time

❎ Does not include : Stamp value


From ₹5,400

✅ Partnership Deed Drafting

Issue of PAN

Issue of TAN

✅  GST Registration

7 Days Delivery time

❎ Does not include : Stamp value

All inclusive

From ₹6,900

✅ Partnership Deed Drafting

✅ Issue of PAN

✅ Issue of TAN

✅ GST Registration

✅ MSME Registration

✅ 7 Days Delivery time

❎ Does not include : Stamp value

Preliminary Documents Checklist

Passport Size Photographs of all the Partners
PAN Card of all the Partners
ID Proof of all the Partners

Driving License/ Passport/ Voter ID

Proof of Place of Business

Electricity Bill, Municipal Tax Receipt, Rent Agreement or Lease Agreement

Document Checklist Image for Company Incorporation
Sole Proprietorship process brief

Process Brief

Submit the documents as per checklist
Documents are checked & verified by our team
Partnership Deed is drafted & executed
PAN & TAN is obtained later

Key Benefits

Easy to form using Partnership Deed
Required No mininum capital
Duties are shared as compared to single owner
Ownership & Control are split & Combined
Easy to raise funds than being Single owner

Compliances of Partnership Firm

GST Returns compliance for Sole Prop.

GST Returns

Monthly, Quarterly & Annual GST Returns are required to be filed for those who have opted for GST Registration and who crosses required thresholds.

Bookkeeping & Accounting

Bookkeeping records are required to be prepare in order calculate the exact profit and loss of the business. However not mandatory, but beneficial.

Income tax compliance for Sole Prop.

Income Tax Returns & Audit

Income tax returns needs to filed every year over taxable income. This may also require preparing Profit & Loss with Balance sheet & getting tax audit for business.

TDS returns image

Quarterly TDS returns

Quarterly TDS returns (containing TDS deducted & deposited) needs to be filed by partnership firms that have TAN and are required to deduct tax at source.

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Its should have minimum 2 partners. While banking business can have upto 10 partners and any other business can have upto 20 partners.

– The name of the firm and details of partners.

– Total duration & date of commencement from when the firm was established.

– Total capital & interest which has been contributed/ payable to each partner along with their profit/loss sharing ratio.

– Total salary payable to each partner

– The procedure of admission or retirement of a partner

– Preparation of accounts of the firm

– The procedure of admission or retirement of a partner

– The procedure to be followed in case disputes arise between partners

– Mode of settlement of dues with a deceased partner’s executors

No minimum capital is required. The Partnership firm can be registered even with Rs. 10,000 as total capital.

The application for partnership firm registration is filed with the Registrar of Firms having jurisdiction over the place of business of the partnership firm. The registrar of firms after receiving & reviewing the application, registers the firm within 1-2 weeks and issues the Certificate of Registration of Firm.

It is not mandatory to notarize the partnership deed.

A partnership deed is created on a judicial stamp paper of Rs. 2,000/- and has to be signed by all the partners. It contains the rights and duties of the firm and the partners.

Minimum 12-14 working days, which may vary depending on the situation.

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